Nowadays internet access is seen among all and it is used widely by all age groups. While using the internet, there will always be some information about the user stored in the webpage. This can be used either in a positive way or in a negative way. Users IP, Location, personal and other information are stored by the website once they visit a webpage. The details are collected for the enhancement of the website, to categorize customers, to learn customer preference, to count the number of visits, for legal and commercial purposes, etc. Collected information is secured against loss or theft, use or modification, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, and copying.

Some websites collect personal information and share it under lawful circumstances. The personal information gathered by the website will be shared to the third party or parent company to promote its business. The usage of the information will be disclosed in the company disclosure policy or a privacy policy page. Users are always advised to read website policies well before sharing the personal information on the website. Website policy will change from time to time and users need to keep track if it regularly, to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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Tenants that are living in leased accommodations have to exit from the landlord’s premises immediately after contract expires. Families that stayed in housing units, councils and armed services apartments for the past three years will be eligible for discounts under right to buy scheme. It is interesting to note that right to buy scheme came into force during 1980 after the ordinance was passed in UK parliament.

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